Newness of Mád: winemaking tricks for the whole family

2022. november 28. 6:14

Who said learning how to make wine is interesting only for adults?

Thanks to the GINOP-7.1.9-17-2018-00019 grant, the former fire department building has been renovated, in its place a visitor center awaits its guests with exciting programs!

The place where you can indulge in the mysteries of winemaking in a playful, even more in an interactive way. We invite you not only to a simple museum spot, but also to educational excursion, which is also very interesting for children!

The modern visitor center gives you the opportunity to get to know, how wine is made step by step, starting from the environmental conditions of the Tokaj Wine Region, through the ruses of winemaking, all the way to tasting. One of the stops is the wine master class, where you can gain insight into the professional tasting process of Tokaj specialties.

If you come with children, don’t worry at all that they might be bored on this day, as they can acquire the same knowledge in a playful way.

In addition to the above programs of the visitor center, additional outdoor developments were also implemented:

  • bike base: bicycle rental opportunity,
  • EV fast charging station,
  • e-bike charging and rental station,
  • bicycle service,
  • leisure park, themed playground.

Let’s meet at our place: